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74 exquisite fishes, crabs, lobsters,urchins and more, many not found anywhere else in the world. 4.5 X 6"



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French Polynesia
Great Barrier Reef
Mexican Pacific
Papua New Guinea
Pacific Ocean Fishcards and Invertebrate cards
All fish cards are made of the same durable plastic as credit cards. 6 x 9.5
Hawaii Fishwatcher’s Field Guide
61 of the colorful and exotic fishes of Hawaii are featured here. English/Japanese names.
6 X 9.5”
74 exquisite fishes, crabs, lobsters, urchins and more, many not found anywhere else in the world.
6 X 9"
Hawaiian guide depicts 63 animals without backbones, including crustaceans, stony and soft corals,
sea urchins, sea stars and shells.
6 X 9.5”
Hawaiian Marine Invertebrates Field Guide
Great Barrier Reef Fishwatcher's Field Guide
Gamefishes of the Tropical Atlantic & Caribbean
Many of the Gamefishes on this Atlantic card are found in the Pacific and even world-wide. Features 56 exciting gamefishes.
6 X 9.5”
39 fishes and 26 of the most beautiful invertebrates commonly seen in Micronesia, Guam, Saipan, Palau and Yap.
4.5 X 6"
Micronesia Fish and
61 of the colorful, frequently seen fishes of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are shown here.
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California and Baja California Fishwatchers Field Guide
California and Baja California
Fishwatchers Field Guide features 66 colorful, frequently seen fishes of the coastal areas of California and Baja. Names in English/Spanish. 6 X 9.5”