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Tropical Atlantic & Caribbean
51 birds seen in the wetlands, swamps, mangroves and shorelines of Florida, Bahamas and the Caribean are depicted in all their splendor.
Many diagnostic characteristics are unique to this Field Guide: All birds are shown full-figure, revealing feet often important for identification. Many of these birds are seen throughout the world during migration.
Credit card plastic 6 x 9.5”
Dangers of Diving
Great White Shark
Twin Angels Reef
Make Your Own
Swell Deal
75 colorful shells frequently seen on the shores of the Tropical Atlantic and Caribbean. Take no live shells to keep these gems of the sea safe from extinction. Credit card plastic 6 x 9.5”

32 Hawaiian shells (front) and 31 marine invertebrates (back) reveal the infinite variety of creatures without backbones. These mollusks, crustaceans, soft and stony corals, sea urchins and sea stars are found in Hawaii and other Pacific locations.  Credit card plastic 6 x 9.5”


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